Educate Me

We know that the work performed across the Department of Energy (DOE) complex is unique—uniquely challenging and sometimes, uniquely hazardous. It’s just different than other jobs. Because our employment situation is distinct, Congress directed the DOE to develop a special set of rules for worker safety, and in 2006, 10 CFR 851, the Worker Safety and Health Program (WSHP or just 851) was established.

851 is the federal regulation that establishes the requirements for contractor prepared and administered worker safety and health programs across the DOE complex. The rule exists to promote a high standard of safety and prevent or reduce occupational injuries. Each contractor must have a safety and health program uniquely tailored to the work they are performing.  851 also specifies important rights and responsibilities for workers and contractors. 

Here, you’ll find the basics, the relevant information about 851 and what it means for you - the worker. We hope this resource will encourage you to do a little research of your own into 851, and make it easy for you to access important information about your rights and responsibilities. 

Involve Me

Employees play a vital role in implementing an effective worker safety and health program. Workers have intimate knowledge of potential work related hazards and can contribute as valuable problem solvers. Active and meaningful worker involvement in safety and health programs means that the workforce is involved with management in identifying and correcting hazards found in the workplace. One indicator of effective employee involvement is enthusiasm demonstrated by employees who understand the role of the program, are interested in seeing it succeed, and participate.

Work Safely

Your responsibility is to operate according to the safety and health plan established your contractor. But, what does working safely actually involve?  The answer is simple. You, the worker, use your education as a craftsman, experience, and knowledge as a safety and health program participant, to keep yourself and your team safe while working.

There are some supporting activities in your work day on a DOE site designed to promote worksite safety.